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Volunteer work in Namibia.

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1-10 Volenteers

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A vacation like no other

Love to work with horses....... Come and volunteer at the Ranch.....

  • Feeding
  • Grooming
  • Training and working horses
  • Riding
  • Care and Rehabilitation of rescue horses

You can stay with us anywhere from 1 week to 3 months.

Cost US Dollars $495 per week

Price includes accommodation and three meals per day, transfers from and to airport

The Big difference

The Apache Volunteer ranch could be describe as your second home in Africa.  A place where you can be yourself. The daily task include feeding, grooming, training riding  and care of horses and other ranch animals. If you can't ride a horse, well thats not the end of the world.

There are always something to do on the ranch. Feeding and grooming and transporting horses is only the half of it. Farm maintenance are the second part of the offer work like repairing of fences, some paint work  can include some of the tasks.

The voluntary group size can differ between  1 to 10 people at a time. The bigger the group, the less personal contact there is.

You work with the owner of the ranch on a daily basis. That can include from drilling a small hole to transporting some horses to South Afica for 2-3 days.

It's not all work and dust all the time. A relax day at the nearby Lake Oanob Resort is also possible.

Volunteer work in Namibia , the smile of Africa.

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Sossusvlei & Ranch Volenteer Combi...

Sossusvlei 3 day  Accommodation

Day 1.
We Departure for Namib Naukluft Park, the home of Sossusvlei. The drive is about 350 km long and will take around 5 hours to compleet.Accommodation will be either at a Lodge or a Guestfarm.

Day 2
We depart well before sunrise to Sossusvlei. Before sunrise we stop to experience the wonderfull colours arriving with dawn. Today we visit Dune 45, Sossusvlei, Deadvlei, Sesriem Canyon.

Day 3
Today will be relaxing with a nice braekfast and after this we head back to Windhoek.The drive will be again about 5 hours.

Telefoon06 57598567

Welcome on Dimawi

We specialized Volenteer work, Tours and Safaris in and around Namibia.The Guestfarms , Lodges, Bed & Breakfast and Backpackers establishments we uses dering our tours and safaris are out of the world.

Some destinations include Sossusvlei, Deadvlei, Etosha National Park, Bushmen Paintings, The Okavango Delta ,and The Fictoria Waterfalls. Our guides are hand picked and do specializes in their own fields.

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Plan the dates that you would like to arrive and departure from our Volenteer Ranch. You can also contact us via e-mail for more info or help.

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