Being a tourguide i visited a lot of different places. Wildlife photography started and not  long after that i started to sell postcards to clients on tour and at different lodges.


During this time photography evolved from a simple hobby to a more advanced photography. This is some of my pictures and hope that you enjoy viewing my work in progress.

Hockey 2018


During this match i took about 500 pictures.  I used Lightroom 5.7 to modify this image.

Hector. 2013.


My very first productphotography image try out.


I had only then a canon camera, took some pictures, but i missed the white background. So i took a small chair glued some white paper on it... the rest was history.




Publication Date: 9+10 Feb. 2006


This was my first big job. Taking pictures  without any exturnal flash and no backup camera.... At the end everything work out.

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